Book Em North Carolina

Book ‘Em North Carolina

In August 2004, p.m.terrell co-founded The Book ‘Em Foundation, a not for profit organization, with Officer Mark Kearney of the Waynesboro, Virginia Police Department. The organization’s mission is to increase public awareness of the connection between high illiteracy rates and high crime rates, increase literacy rates, and decrease crime rates.

The First Annual Book ‘Em Event was held on October 23, 2004 in Waynesboro, Virginia. The event continued annually through 2011.

Two events have been held in Lebanon, New Hampshire and one event in Charleston, South Carolina.

Lumberton, North Carolina was selected in 2011 as the annual site for Book ‘Em North Carolina. To date, the Lumberton events have raised more than $34,000 for literacy campaigns in Robeson County. The event attracts approximately 3,000 visitors each year and features more than 75 authors, publishers and literary agents.

In 2016, p.m.terrell turned over the event to Robeson Community College.