American Elections

Turns out, it’s possible to write a book on politics so the reader never guesses the author’s personal politics.

The China Conspiracy was published in 2002 but sales have dramatically increased. The book was written before 9/11, before Afghanistan, before Iraq, before George W. Bush or Barack Obama took office and long before Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump tossed their hats in a primary – and before the revelation that China interfered in the Obama-Romney race and Russia interfered in the Clinton-Trump race.

So why are sales so high?

Because the problem that The China Conspiracy is all about still exists.

As recently as 2015, voters in Virginia encountered constant problems with electronic voting machines crashing. They thought the problem was due to the electronic interference made by one of the elections officials, who was streaming music. But when state auditors investigated, they discovered that a smartphone could easily connect to the voting machines’ network.

Now, in case you’re wondering, once someone with knowledge connects to a network, they are 90% of the way toward the ability to hack their way into the most sensitive data. If they connected to a network counting votes, they could easily shift the numbers so a specific person was elected – and then they could completely obliterate their trail so you would never know the system was hacked.

Take a look at this video by Princeton University, demonstrating their findings:

In The China Conspiracy, a CIA programmer/analyst discovers that the Chinese government has planned to rig the United States elections outcome in order to place their preferred candidates in strategic positions.

The impact would be far-reaching.

It could lead to jobs once held by Americans being shipped overseas – including the manufacture of weapons that at one time were closely guarded secrets.

It could lead to the removal of restrictions that prevent foreign governments from lobbying (today in the U.S., the two largest lobbying groups are China and Mexico, far outdistancing the NRA).

It could also lead to the removal of restrictions against borrowing money from foreign governments (China is the United States’ largest creditor).

It could cause inspectors to look the other way while toys with lead paint or dog treats laced with poison make their way into the hands of our children or the mouths of our pets.

It could alienate our allies and create a new world order, one in which America is aligned with the countries whose ideology was once considered the opposite – and enemy – of democracy.

Think about it.

This book actually got me banned from visiting China, a fact I found out from a government agency who investigated my knowledge of some of the facts in the book. (I was in good company, as it turns out; Tom Clancy was questioned in much greater depth for his book, The Hunt for Red October.) It turns out that Chinese officials learned of the book when Voice of America aired some segments about it, which was broadcast in their country.

Here’s a one-minute video about the book:

The China Conspiracy is available in all eBook formats (Kindle, iBooks, Nook, etc.) and the paperback is available in all fine book stores. If you don’t see it on the shelf, ask for it. Or follow this link to purchase it on amazon – $6.99 for Kindle and $14.95 for the printed book.