The Adventures of Blade and RyeFor nearly 20 years I have written suspense novels and historical suspense, so it may come as a surprise—to you and to me—that I have written my first children’s book, The Adventures of Blade and Rye.


Written for children ages 10 and under, The Adventures of Blade and Rye is written as a lyrical poem similar to the style I loved when I was a small child and listened to my mother reading The Cat in the Hat or The Night Before Christmas. The first things I memorized were stanzas from those book pages, and they instilled in me a love and appreciation for poetry.


The book is about two tiny fairies named Blade and Rye and their adventures when they discover Planet Earth. They fall in love with the Blue Planet and beg their teacher, Miss Indigo, to remain there to witness all the exciting things that occur in nature. They must find the perfect home, which takes them from mountain peaks to ocean depths. When they discover just the right spot, they are turned into two tiny blades of grass to keep them safe from wandering into danger. And there under the protective arms of a yew tree beside an idyllic lake, they bask in the sunshine, witness the moon’s appearance and discover life underground.


I have always loved angels and fairies and as I have researched my Scots-Irish ancestry, the love and appreciation for these wee creatures have only grown.


The official release date is November 22, 2018. Until then, pre-orders can be placed with local bookstores for the paperback edition, which retails for $11.99. The Kindle version is also available for pre-order at $4.99, and amazon has jumped the gun and is selling the paperback prior to the official release date. The book is 44 pages and full color inside and out, illustrated beautifully by Susan Fitzgerald, who truly makes Blade and Rye come to life.