Dani’s Decision
Released by Drake Valley Press, 2021

It is 1971 in Mississippi, and Dani Evans has her life planned out. She is graduating from high school, getting married, and planning to attend Ole Miss for a degree in journalism.

But her plans change one fateful night when a stranger attacks her and leaves her to die. As Dani begins the slow recovery process physically, mentally, and emotionally, she discovers she is pregnant with the assailant’s child.

Her odyssey will take her to places she had never imagined as she desperately tries to find a way forward. She will consider the roads other women have traveled, encountering roadblocks, shame, and condemnation. But she will also discover true friends willing to travel these roads with her, lifting her when she hasn’t the strength and helping her find her way onward.

And in the end, she will find the courage within herself to chart a new horizon.

Between the Lines Book Reviews says, “With her usual strength of building to a climax, Terrell outdoes herself with a roller coaster of emotions. We learn along the way the importance of love and friendship, despite the deck stacked against our heroine.”